Distortion of Historical facts & Misinterpretation of Urdu Poetry

Posted by Reyaz-ul-haque on 11/15/2013 12:14:00 PM

A note on Narendra Modi's speeches. Iqbal Javed wrote this, who is an engineer by profession.

Urdu is a beautiful language. We are pleased to see that Mr. Modi is beneficiating from this language, inspite of his party’s stand, describing it a “Videshi Bhasha” repeatedly.

Deen – e- Hijazi ka woh Bebaak Beda
Nishan Jiska Aks- e- Alam mein Pahuncha
Muzahim Huwa Khatrah Na Jisko
Na Oman mein thithka na Qulzum
(Red Sea) mein Jhijhka
Kiye Paar Jis ne Saaton Samandar

Wo Duba Dahan – e- Ganga mein Aa kar (on the bank of Ganga) “

This is the extract from “Musaddas Hali” composed by Maulana Altaf Hussain Hali.

“Musaddas” in urdu means Six line of Verses.

This “Musaddas” was read by Mr. Modi at the “Hunkar Rally” of BJP at Patna on 27th Oct, 2013.

He wrongly interpreted this & made its connection to the invasion of Alexander the Great in India. He described it as that Alexander, after conquering the world and crossing seven seas reached Patna & was defeated by Chandra Gupt & hence in this way submerged into Ganga. This means, he was defeated at this place.

Historical fact is that Alexander arrived on the Bank of Indus in 327 BC & defeated King Porus and conquered Punjab. After this victory his Army men, refused to go advance further as they were too much exhausted so he returned from Punjab itself. He died in the way at Babylon in 323 BC.

Chandra Gupt Maurya, not Chandra Gupt, was Alexander’s contemporary. In fact, he had met Alexander there in Punjab & joined his Army, perhaps seeking his assistance to capture Magadh. In 321 BC, he got victory in Magadh region with the help of Chanakaya (Kautilya).

Mr. Modi is emphasizing that Alexander was “Prasth” in the hands of Chandra Gupt Maurya. How a dead person (Alexander the great), can be defeated? This is nothing but “Lashon ki Rajniti” as frequently uttered by the mouth of Mr. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, a BJP spokesman in TV debate/comments on other party’s speeches. This type of lectures are delivered by a “Dreamer in Dreamlands”

This Musaddas exclusively a message to the muslims of Indian subcontinent due to negligence, lethargy & not proper recognition of message of Islam, they allowed it to be degraded which is synonymous in meaning in the drowning on the bank of Ganga.

In that speech, what we heard from Mr. Modi was Deen-e- Illahi, instead of Deen-e-Hijazi. Actually in Islam, both have same meaning but due to invention of Deen-e- Illahi by Akbar the great creates confusion. This new fashion of Deen – e Illahi totally differed from the Real Deen – e- Illahi  or Deen-e-Hijazi.

The real message of Musaddas decribed by Hali that the “Fearless fleet of Deen-e-Hijazi, started journey from Mecca & Madinah and it signs helped to focus world attention. Dangers did not obstruct its smooth passage and there was no resistance in its movement. Neither it stopped anywhere in the Gulf of Oman nor it hesitated in crossing the Red sea. They crossed all seven seas but submerged on the Bank of Ganga at the end.

Now, I think, Mr.Modi is preferring pure urdu words in his speeches. On 29th Oct, 2013, he forgot the words “Bhagya & Chhavi & was compelled to use these words as follows:

Kaash Sardar Saheb hamare pehle Pradhan Mantri hote to aaj desh ki Taqdeer bhi alag hoti aur Desh ki Tasveer bhi alag hoti”

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